Martina Jennings, CEO

CEO Message

In 2019 Specialist Palliative Care Teams in Mayo and Roscommon looked after 1054 patients, 48% of which were non-cancer.

We had 683 new patients and 568 people passed away in our care. Our inspiring and tireless teams ensured dignity and respect at end of life to the 568 patients who passed away.

These are not just numbers.

They represent sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, partners, grandparents, grandchildren and friends.

Our palliative care nurses, social workers and family therapist ensure that each of the patients they look after, are treated like the unique individuals they are, and their families are given every support possible at the most difficult time.

The Mayo Hospice is now complete. It cost just under €9m, all of which came from fundraised income. This is wonderful news for the people of our region in need and we are so proud to have delivered this project on behalf of those who have worked tirelessly over the last number of years to bring it to fruition.

At a cost of €9 million, this build would not have happened without your fantastic fundraising efforts.

The sod was turned on the Roscommon Hospice in January 2020 and the build will take 14 months to complete. The Hospice will comprise of an 8-bed inpatient unit, as well as full-day care services.

We thank you for helping us to fund our palliative care services, and ask you for your continued help financially as the demand for our services is significantly increasing.

We cannot change the inevitable outcome for most of our patients, but we can give dignity and respect to both them and their families, and sometimes because of their awful illness, that can be a challenge. We remember, reflect and shed a tear for those that are gone, or those that are suffering. We give thanks to the wonderful Palliative Care teams who ensure the end of life is given as much beauty, care and respect as the beginning of life.

We now have a service available for legacy donations, all details are available on our website and we would encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a donor this way to contact us directly.

We are incredibly grateful to the communities, volunteers and support groups throughout both counties who fundraise and give their time selflessly to ensure we can provide a Palliative Care service 7 days a week. Thank you all who support and volunteer in our charity shops, without which we could not provide this service. ALL fundraised income goes directly towards our Palliative Care Service and our Capital Development Programme

Thank you all for your incredible support over the last 26 years, so much fantastic work has already been done and we look forward to providing unrivaled care to those in need from our new Hospices.

Today we can look forward, today we can see light after many years of fundraising, and we are so very thankful to each and every one of you.

You can help us build our hospice now by clicking on the Buy A Brick above