Our Board



The Board of Mayo Roscommon Hospice pictured at the official launch of the Mayo Hospice in October 2019. Back Row left to right Joanne Grehan, Tom Connolly, Paul Foxe, Ivan Moran, John Murphy, Dolores Burke, Oliver McGuinness, Cynthia Clampett Former CEO Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation, John Sweeney, Mike Smith, Damian Slater, Frank Mulvihill, Maura Tully, Sean Walsh 
Front Row – Minister Michael Ring, Martina Jennings CEO Mayo Roscommon Hospice, Minister Simon Harris, Joanne Hynes Chairperson Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation (missing from photo is Seamus Moran)

Governance & Board of Directors

We are governed by a Board of voluntary non-executive Directors. None of our Directors receive payment of any kind for their service to Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation. We value their expertise and guidance. Our Board meets 6 times per year and is advised by its own permanent sub-committees which are made up of Board members, Mayo Roscommon Hospice executives, and, on occasion, external members:

  • Audit and Governance Committee: Mike Smith (Chair), Paul Foxe, Joanne Hynes, Oliver McGuinness, Ivan Moran, Caroline McAndrew(Committee Member)
  • Strategy Committee: Joanne Grehan (Chair), Joanne Hynes, Dolores Burke, Mike Smith, Tom Connolly, Oliver McGuinness
  • Roscommon Hospice Commissioning Committee: Paul Foxe (Chair), Mike Smith, Oliver McGuinness
  • Mayo Hospice MOU Committee: Mike Smith & Joanne Hynes
  • Charity Compliance Working Committee

Expert committees are set up from time to time to advise on specific matters.



  • Mike Smith          Chairperson 
  • Dolores Bourke      Secretary
  • Paul Foxe                    Treasurer
  • Damian Slater
  • Joanne Hynes        
  • Oliver McGuinness
  • John Murphy
  • Ivan Moran                                           
  • Joanne Grehan                                 
  • Dolores Bourke
  • Sean Walsh
  • Seamus Moran
  • Frank Mulvihill
  • Tom Connolly
  • Dr Ita Harnett  Honorary Member