Wills and Bequests

Wills & Bequests


A legacy from you will give comfort, dignity and a better quality of life to patients with life limiting illnesses.

Most of us will be in a position to give more in our Will than we could ever give while we are alive. Leaving a bequest won’t cost you anything in your lifetime but will impact well into the future and make a huge difference to people’s lives.

Gifts made in Wills are an important source of income for Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation, helping us to make long-term plans to support Hospice Palliative Care Services throughout counties Mayo and Roscommon. They are also a way of enabling our donors to continue to support this vital work in their community beyond their own lifetime. Our aim is that no one in Mayo and Roscommon should have to face death without appropriate care and support.  By remembering us in your Will you can help ensure that our work will continue to benefit patients who require palliative care and their families for generations to come.

When making or updating your will you should of course take care of your family and friends first. But then please consider leaving something, no matter how small, of whatever is left to mayo roscommon hospice foundation.

We understand that leaving a gift in your Will is a very personal decision. Some people choose to let us know that we have been remembered in their Will. Others prefer to keep their wishes private, leaving it to their executor or solicitor to inform us when the time comes.
If you would like a copy of our brochure please call us on 094 93 88666, or if you would like some more information on leaving a gift to Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation, then please let us know.

To find out more about leaving a bequest to us, please contact Brigid on 094 9388666, or email contact@hospice.ie in confidence.

As part of our commitment to you, we promise to use any gift we receive in an effective and wise manner.


  • To ensure that your wishes are observed

One in five people die without making a Will. If you do not have a Will, not only does this mean that you are not able to have a say in who inherits your estate, but in certain circumstances the state may inherit everything.

  • To protect your loved ones

It is only by having a valid Will that you can be certain that your family and friends will be taken care of when you are no longer there. Without a Will, even your spouse or children may not receive what you might think would automatically be theirs by right.

  • To prevent legal difficulties

If you do not have a Will, or your Will is out of date, it could be both costly and traumatic for your family to sort out.

  • To help a good cause

Once you have taken care of those who are close to you, you may like to remember organisations whose work you admire, or whose work has personally touched you at some point in your life.

  •  To make the most of tax efficient giving

Legacies left to charities such as Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation are completely tax-free, meaning that every Euro you leave in your Will goes directly to support our work and effectively reduces the inheritance tax liability on your estate.

Questions & Answers

You can make a Will at any stage of your life. You do not have to be sick or aging to make a Will and the peace of mind you will gain from having a valid Will in place can be a great comfort. We suggest that you contact your solicitor who will be able to give you professional advice based on your personal circumstances and answer any questions you might have. If you do not have a solicitor of choice, contact the Law Society of Ireland for a list of solicitors in your area.

It is important that you review your Will regularly, particularly if there is a significant change in your circumstances e.g. you got married, bought a new house, just had a baby. If you already have a Will, it’s very easy to amend it to include a gift to Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation. This change can be drawn up easily by your solicitor.

There are two ways in which you can leave a gift to charity in your Will. They are as follows:

Your solicitor will be able to provide you with advice on which option best suits your wishes and personal circumstances.

Your solicitor may find the following wording helpful if you would like to remember your local Hospice Palliative Care Service in your Will.

For a gift of the residue of an estate (Residuary Bequest):

“I give to Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation of Main Street, Knock, Co Mayo all (or a fraction) of the residue of my estate whatsoever and wheresoever, and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other officer for the time being of the said Foundation shall be a full and sufficient discharge of the same”.

For a gift of a fixed sum or specific item (Pecuniary Bequest):

“I give the sum of €_______ or I bequeath (the item specified) __________ to, and I direct that the Treasurer or other proper officer for the time being of the said Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation of Main Street, Knock, Co Mayo shall be proper and sufficient discharge for the same”.

This is a matter for you to decide. No matter how small or large your gift is, it will make a lasting difference to the work of our Foundation and will be hugely valued.