Put some fun in your school fundraiser

Here are some ideas for you to get started. We would love you to help.

Bake Sale

The annual bake sale is a tried and a tested fundraising idea for schools and clubs. Parents, staff and pupils can donate home-baking items and these are sold to pupils, friends and family.

Bag Pack

This is a great fundraising idea for older children or parents to undertake. For insurance purposes, many supermarkets will only allow children aged 14 yrs+ to take part. Weekends fill up quickly, so you will need to apply early to be in with a chance of getting a suitable day at your local store.

Be sure to sign up early in the school year for a bag pack as slots fill up very quickly.

Church Gate Collection

We always need help with our church gates, let us know and we will organise the rest!

Table Quiz

Charge per team and have a good mix of questions. You could have a round about your city or county, one on music, one on your school or club, general knowledge, dingbats, sports, flags, missing words, nature and a photo round.

Have spot prizes for the best answers, best team name and an overall prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams.


A raffle is often held in conjunction with a bake sale or other fundraising event. Ask for donations from parents and local businesses and price your tickets according to the range of prizes on offer.

Treasure Hunt

A small or larger scale treasure hunt is a fun event for families along with being a great fundraising idea. You can hide items to be found at your school or venue or create clues from items in your locality ie. poems or inscriptions on plaques, shop or street names etc. Each clue leads you to the next location and you either take the first letter of each place to solve a riddle or pick up treasure at the final location.

It does take a bit of organisation but you may find out things about your locality that you didn’t know before too.

Sponsored Event

From a dance-a-thon to a skip-a-thon get everybody active and having fun while fundraising. Each child tries to get sponsorship to take part.

School Bring & Buy Sale

Another popular fundraising idea where families donate their unwanted items and these are sold on the day. Often combined with a bake sale and other fun fundraising ideas such as nail painting, fortune telling, hook a duck etc.

Calendars/Wall Planners

We all need calendars and wall planners to track family activities. Schools can team up with companies who create these to fundraise.

Christmas Cards

Mayo Roscommon Hospice sell Christmas Cards annually and always need help. If you can help us let us know.

Fashion Show

They take a lot of organisation, but if you have a good team in place, can be a great fundraiser and feel-good event. On the night there is also an opportunity to have a raffle

Strictly Come Dancing Event

This has become a popular fundraiser for schools and clubs. Parents are sponsored to take part in a dance routine that is then judged with the best dancers going through to the grand final. During the event you could have a bake sale, raffle, game of heads or tails or a silent auction.

Non Uniform Day

Each student brings a set amount on the non-uniform day, so a great way to fundraise if you have a particular target in mind.

Sponsored Silence

The bliss of silence! The annual sponsored silence is usually held as a charity fundraiser but could be done as a school/club fundraiser too.


Everything from old mobile phones to batteries can be used to fundraise for schools and clubs while also helping charities. We also have Hospice Shops and all donations are welcome.

School Cookbook

Students and staff submit their all time family favourite recipes, along with a photo and this is turned into a cookbook.

Sponsored Run/Swim /Cycle

We all want to get fit. Have a fun fundraiser by getting the students, teachers/leader, or families to get sponsorship to take part in a run, swim, cycle or other endurance event.

Film in School Hall

You could show some old classics that many children may not have seen already. And a tuck shop is obligatory!

Put on a movie, charge an entry fee and have fun!

Games Day or Evening

Organise a fun games day or evening for students /members. It could be a board games day, lego building day, jigsaw day or you could hire giant games like Jenga or Connect 4. Everyone pays a small fee to take part.


Educational and fun. Children get sponsored to read as many books as possible in a set amount of time.


If your school or club have talented musicians or an amazing choir, run a concert for friends and family to attend and charge a small fee.


Give us a call now on 094 93 88666 or email Angelina Nugent on angelina@hospice.ie