Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation joins Challenge 32

We need your Support!

Mayo Roscommon Hospice Foundation is calling on the public and local businesses for support with a new nationwide fundraising campaign.

Mayo Roscommon Hospice is taking part in a socially distant-friendly event which aims to help replace some of the fundraising which has been lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can start your challenge on Saturday June 20th but continue it for as along as you want – a day, week or month! It’s up to you.

The Foundation receives all of its income through fundraising and donations. Summertime usually sees many events and activities being held in aid of Hospice, ranging from runs, cycles, flag days to cake sales. Understandably, these cannot occur during social distancing.

As these activities cannot take place as planned, JustGiving in partnership with Charities Institute Ireland have launched Challenge 32 to bring the whole Irish charity sector together, encouraging people to join in and help support Irish charities.

Everybody can take part, all supporters need to do is dream up an activity based around the number 32 which suits their skills and fundraise or donate from Saturday 20th June, the Summer Solstice. It can be any activity they like, as long as it follows Government guidelines.

Examples include running 32 km, walking 32 laps around your garden, or even baking 32 cakes!

For more information or to get involved with your own Challenge 32, visit
or contact us by calling 094-9388666 or email:

Here are some ideas to get you started:

With the Family!

  • Who can do the most skips in 32 seconds
  • Build a tower out of 32 different objects
  • 32m three legged race
  • Find 32 items that start with each letter of the alphabet
  • Draw 32 rainbows
  • Build the biggest lego tower in 3.2 minutes
  • Sponsored silence for 3.2 minutes
  • Read 32 books with the kids
  • Who can fill up the most water balloons in 32 minutes
  • Throw 32 water balloons at the children…ok Daddy? Not Mummy

On Your Own!

  • Learn to count to 32 in a different language
  • Walk 3.2km inside your house
  • Binge 32 episodes of your favourite show
  • Run 3.2 kilometres
  • Bake 32 cupcakes
  • Walk up and down the stairs 32 times
  • Juggle for 32 minutes
  • Run up and down your street 32 times
  • Challenge yourself to 32 press-ups
  • Shoot 32 basketball hoops

With a Group!

  • 32 question quiz with 32 friends
  • Get 32 friends together for a virtual workout
  • Camp out in your garden for 32 hours
  • Dance to music with friends for 32 minutes
  • Host a virtual supper with 32 friends
  • 32 minutes of a musical on Zoom