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Our Palliative Care Service

Palliative Care is the continuing active care of patients and their families at a time when the medical expectation is no longer a cure.  Patients are referred to the service by either their family doctor or their hospital consultant.  The service is available free of charge for patients in their own homes and in the hospitals and nursing homes throughout Mayo and Roscommon.  The aim is to improve the patient’s quality of life by maximising pain control while relieving any other distressing symptoms.  The service recognises and responds to physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, which may be experienced by patients and their families – adults and children. Where necessary the service also extends to support in grief and bereavement.

Many surveys carried out over the years have shown that, given a choice, most people would prefer to be cared for at home.  The Foundation initially concentrated on developing the Palliative Home Care Service.  Given the wide geographical spread of our two counties, more people could benefit from a service developed in that way.   The majority of patients cared for by the Teams are cancer patients.  As the service has developed and expanded, it is now also available for pain and symptom control in patients with other non-malignant conditions such as end-stage Motor Neurone, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Heart Failure. Since 1992 the Palliative Care Teams have assisted in the care of over 8,500 patients and their families.  The number of patients, both adults and children being referred to our service is increasing annually, from 466 in 2007 to 809 in 2013. (Roscommon – 282 & Mayo – 527).

Comprehensive Palliative Care Service comprises:

  • Full 7 Day Specialist Home Care Service
  • Specialist Palliative Care Hospital Service
  • Bereavement Service
  • Specialist in patient Service (Hospice Unit)
  • Specialist Day Care Service
  • Social Work
  • Family Therapist